24 / Fish and Chips

The origins of this popular meal are unclear, but it’s certain that fish and chips were being enjoyed in London by 1860 and were available in New Zealand by the early 1900s. This country now consumes some 7 million servings of chips per week – equivalent to about 120,000 tonnes per year. The preferred fish was originally snapper, but was later replaced by hoki, shark (marketed as lemon fish) and tarakihi. Traditionally wrapped – and well insulated – in recycled newspaper, ‘fish ‘n’ chips’ have been, and continue to be, the takeaway meal of choice for New Zealanders. Their moreishness, despite the inevitable regret felt after over-consumption, makes them enjoyed the length and breadth of the country – ‘on the road’, beside the beach, as a late-night feed following a night on the tiles, or simply as a humble family Friday night meal.

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