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The Topp Twins, sisters Jools and Lynda, were born in Huntly and have been activists and a performing duo for over 30 years. Their distinctive mixture of comedy and country music includes yodelling and a range of off-beat characters: The Gingham Sisters, The Bowling Ladies, Camp Mother and Camp Leader, Daphne and Hyacinth and Ken and Ken – the latter pair requiring cross-dressing and the application of moustaches and sideburns. Their wry down-to-earth outlook on a quintessential Kiwi life has endeared them to the nation. Untouchable Girls, the documentary feature film on the Topp Twins, was released in 2009 and has been shown at film festivals worldwide, winning several awards and becoming the country’s highest-grossing documentary. The Topp Twins were inducted into the New Zealand Music Hall of Fame at the APRA Silver Scroll Awards in Auckland in September 2008. 

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